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Brian’s first blog

Welcome to our new blog! As we conclude our first year of activity at Montesueños and with a world in turmoil, we will be creating new programs here as well as frequent blog entries to track global and regional events and to openly discuss action plans for outside-the-box solutions to the deplorable human impact on the natural world. Among the topics we will explore during 2010 are:

• The free energy conundrum — Why do otherwise progressive spokespeople ignore the logical possibility of having a breakthrough clean energy future for humanity and how can we transcend this denial? How can we get beyond the pollution from burning hydrocarbons and uranium–and even implementing the capital-materials-and-land-intensive traditional renewables such as solar, wind and biofuels–as our final energy solutions when we could enjoy the elegance of zero-point energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen and water chemistries? How can we end the suppression of a promising future by the powers-that-be? How can we transform the culture to solutions that could end the destruction of our planet?

• The imperiled Western Amazon region — How can we prevent oil and mining companies from exploiting the Earth’s one remaining vast pristine rainforest and its indigenous peoples? How can Ecuador and other developing countries become less reliant on income from the export of extracted agro-mineral resources? How can Ecuador and Vilcabamba become examples to the rest of the world as an ecologically sustainable garden for us all to enjoy?

• Ending the imperial stalemate — The world is caught in the web of war, pollution, secrecy and the unsustainable exploitation of resources. Civilization seems to be bifurcating between those whose agendas involve scarcity-based control and those who can envision a peaceful, just and sustainable world in balance with nature. How can we transform, at a causal level, the greed and fear that beset our corrupted leadership? How can have an abundant and joyful future? Why is the darkness we are now experiencing logically unacceptable, where options do exist for a future of cooperation, openness and new ideas rather than the aggressive competition and consumption we now see?

• The deep ecology of the collective mind and of nature — How can we use the power of our combined positive human intention to transform the cancerous nightmares of war and pollution into a natural heaven on Earth? What tools of consciousness, new science and spirituality can we develop to bring a more positive Light to the Earth? How could the disclosure of extraterrestrial and interdimensional intelligences and our own collective intelligence help give us the tools to make the needed transformations?

Awakening the Creative Spirit Within — Our first gathering celebrating the arts will be December 12-13, 2009, and we plan to host more of these during 2010. These gatherings will include the inspiration of talented artists from throughout the world as we probe our inner potential as creators of art, photography, music, and expressers of movement and spiritual practice.

  1. Yann Lignon
    October 12, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Hi Brian ,
    I would like to thank you for your work , really feels nice to see people who really care about others in the big picture .
    I only recently started research on learning about consciousness and environment , I am 32 and I thought that’s about time . I have been living without care of the day after , I ‘ve been working for 15 years as a chef and I still haven’t got any wealth ( except for surfboards ). Not that I care but when it’s coming to deal with money , I’m useless ! I live since 2005 in the north coast NSW Australia and there is a few community of people with alternative lifestyle I think that’s why I got in the track.
    I am korean born , grown up in France , and now in Australia , I have not real family except from my friends and I always knew something was different with me . I never stayed more than 2 years in the same place since I’m 17 and I enjoy my own company most of the time which allows me a lot of thinking .
    All my positive vibrations , I am sending all my shanti to you guys .
    Thanks ,boom .

  2. Russell Morgan
    October 13, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    It makes me so happy to see and hear from you all! In consciousness do I support the energy and love that comes from your center. I can feel the positive vibes all the way up here in Washington State! Warm regards, Russ

  3. betty wilkinson
    October 27, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Hi Brian and Meredith,
    Thank you, thank you. My life has changed after hearing your videos & now I’m obsessed to the point of carrying my laptop around constantly. I’ve decided your voice is the most credible and the only solution is to come to Montesuenos and join your Earth Team so to speak.

    I play Classical piano & once a little jazz; but I can offer Bach, Beethoven, & lots of Chopin. I’d like to come for the art weekend; but if that doesn’t work, early March.
    I want to work on the free energy project while engaging in artistic pursuits & yoga to free the mind for the hard work ahead. I’d also like to learn to meditate.

    I’m a toy inventor/entrepreneur designing usually fiber crafts such as knitting & weaving. My last product line was knitting implements (made from rosewood from India) now being sold in some chain stores. Maybe I could find a source in Ecuador. I’ve written business plans that have raised significant capital. I have computer graphic skills which might be useful if you need marketing expertise once you find the free energy device.

    I am so grateful for all your courage and hard work and I am willing to help any way I can. Is there availability in December or is there another time where free energy will be discussed and I could learn more? I’d need a single non-smoking room for a week or so.
    Betty Wilkinson
    Oklahoma City, OK

  4. November 19, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    was chatting with eliz about her coming to our
    she suggested we chat about our australia tour

    we have good sponsors earlier -spoke in perth many times

    dan winter
    newest film

  5. Kyle
    January 7, 2010 at 12:22 am

    I don’t even recall how I stumbled onto your website and then this blog. I kept reading and reading because I couldn’t believe it. What a shame that a once solid scientific mind now rants about the NWO, Bilderbergers, TLC, ET’s, zero-point energy, Big This & Big That, medical quackery, New Age consciousness, spirituality, collective and interdimensional intelligence, and just about every flavor of woo there is in a run-on, rambling, confused, and conflated manner. You seem to reject science on multiple grounds now; both because you’ve adopted the conspiracist mindset and therefore think it’s all corrupt, and in favor of “other ways of knowing”, which explains your adoption of the title “philosopher”. I even saw something that leads me to believe that you may be a creationist.

    I’ve engaged and studied conspiracy theorists for some time and then creationists and have noted very distinct characteristics for the former that are often shared by the latter. There has been a little research into the psychology of CT’ists and I found that I had independently reached the same conclusions and have now built upon them. In recent online forums, I’ve been exposed to other, seemingly related phenomena with climate change denial and those who dismiss Western medicine.

    I’m beginning to formulate a unifying theory that would incorporate all or most of these seemingly disparate groups and draw a linkage to the evolutionary psychology of religion. You are a good example, as are the creationists, Dembski and Behe, and others, that knowledge in a field, even expertise, does not fully inoculate people against the phenomenon. My developing thesis includes that the cognitive mechanisms and instincts that had selective advantages, and then yielded religion as a byproduct, are highly variable. The varying combinations of these evolved cognitive tendencies lead to varying propensities for superstition, the supernatural, spirituality, and religiousity.

    These are ideas that have already received considerable acceptance but I am adding linkages to other traits. These include generalized tendencies toward dismissal of the findings of fields of study in which one has limited knowledge, scientific or otherwise; toward adamantly believing that what one wants to believe is true independently of evidence; toward poor abilities to evaluate evidence and resisting reconsidering positions even in the light of new evidence; toward circular reasoning and other logical fallacies and resisting reconsidering even when the fallacies are exposed.

    To a great extent, the phenomenon can be described as emotional thinking. However, those in question do not perceive it as such. If unused to critical thought, they may think that they are being logical. If familiar with critical thought, they construct arguments that resemble parodies of logic, beginning with the desired conclusion. Often, they simply assert “other ways of knowing”, which effectively eliminates meaningful exchange.

    Would you be willing to answer a few questions? I would like to know your religious background and history and that of your parents and siblings. This would include how devout each was at different ages. I’d also like to know if you accept the “accepted” explanations for a list of events and phenomena:

    UFO’s, JFK assassination, MLK assassination, 9/11 attacks, origins of HIV/AIDS, the root causes of the world wars, fluoridated water, suppressed 200mpg carburetors, suppressed cancer cures, psychic healing, ESP, and any others that you may have a position on. If your position on these matters changed significantly over time, could you tell me when and what prompted the change?

    Thank you in advance for your time.

  6. C Jordan English
    January 10, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Dear Brian,

    My deepest gratitude for your intelligence, courage, and integrity. You are a rare soul who sees the need for radical innovation to provide hope and health for future generations to come. I bow inwardly to your radiance of compassion and fortitude.

    Solutions, I have none. Civilization seems to be suspended in a matrix of cosmic tensions as our Kali Yuga winds down toward a re-birthing point. At least, I hope it is so, the re-birthing part. And I pray the Mayan calendar event of late 2012 is pointing toward collective enlightenment. Surely, much suffering arises while the power of mammon abrades against spirit. My dictionary example states after the word mammon, “You cannot serve God and mammon.” Unfortunately, this point appears to capture the original seed of the problem since people seem confused about priorities. It looks like GDP has superseded the stature of divinity as the economic system called capitalism attained “state of the art.” People are not to be blamed for being seduced by a slick system hinging on material propaganda and obfuscation. The real issue is, “How does one awaken from this delusional dream state?” I see no clear answer. I hope people will see the movie Avatar and pick up the underlying message. Quite disconcerting to note we may need an infusion of positive etheric forces to shift a balance toward sanity. The older I get, the fewer answers I have. The unfolding of life continues as a formidable mystery.

    In the meantime, I salute your sincere efforts to seek meaningful solutions. You appear to be on an uplifting track with concrete proposals. Wholesome creative thinking should be able to turn the corners of despair toward the light. Stay focused and fulfilled with the gifts of life. Not in a lifetime could I find adequate words of praise to thank you for your valuable work.


    C J. E.

  7. juan alfonso peña
    March 21, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Dr. O’Leary, I have read your blogs and have catch my attention in many ways, At first the iniciative of montesueños workshops, I thought perhaps could be done by internet so a more wide variety of people who can not visit Loja, can participate.
    I am Ecuadorian, from Cuenca but currently living in the Bay area, California so I am familiar with the Pachamama Aliance and other names you mention in your blog, so this letter also goes to make the personal contact for future networking.
    Shocking always to hear the repression and supression of the ideas of the most talented people like the greg Caton and your personal story. This brought to my mind imediatly the memory of N. Tesla, S. Mayer, Fleishman and Ponds and others that have experience the same in the fields of energy.
    And the beautiful letter of your 70th. birthday! so much to say that I also have been washed with a sence of urgency since my 50th birthday. And the fact that the first part of your life you put your eyes in the outer universe, now bringing them back into the Earth, makes me think at something I was told to me in India that the first 25 years where time to learn, the second 25 years where time of pleasures and responsabilities, the third 25 years is time of the inner search and the rest is the return to the source.
    In this context I have been moved by your ideas of “Innovation Sanctuaries” and all the support that this needs to be feed with, so the innovation will reach humankind and not the patent offices.
    The English Statesman Ernest Bevin once said that “the kingdom of heaven can be ruled by the rightious virtues, but the kingdom of the earth is goberned by oil” Oil has been in the center of the old paradigm. The new paradigm is yet to take form on earth. Could it be descentralized? without gatekeepers and controlers? could it be understandable and apropriate for local economies? Just the fact that can be thought, can be brought into form and I think that Ecuador has a role to play. The ideas have to be shared and put together by we the people from the earth.
    I have been following the possibilities in the field of energy, photovoltaics, new tecnology based on biomimicry to eliminate cadmium in the process, eolics, hidrogen fuel cells, batery development and yet, when magnetic motors or cold fussion have been named in the powerhouses think tanks, they are taken into the ridiculous because they defy the laws of phisics. When free thinking scientist, out of the box should approach with awe to some new discoveries and learn what is true in the new happenings beyond the names and beyond the known identification with the stablishment.
    In Ecuador with iniciatives like ITT, could be used to lead the way in a new renewable energy economy. Energy is central in the miracle of life and in the growth of any project of civilization, we need to learn to think in terms of energy, we eat in our daily diet an avarage of one galon of oil inbeded in irrigation, fertilizers, insecticides, transportation, cooking, refrigeration, etc. We need to change urgently. The future generations will see the quemical composition of oil and will say: And the old folks burn it! As if they did not value this source of unique materials medicines and plastics.
    Let’s not burn carbon, let flow electrons.
    Dr. O’leary, I am glad you are living this life in Ecuador and living your inner life between the evening thoughts and the glimpse of no mind that allows enlightment. And I am glad that you are part of the intergobernmental panel of renewable energy, Just as IPCC, we need the bigest colaboration of human kind in the field of energy. We have the need, the creativity and the tools. Let’s develop the network for learning to live in the post carbon economy.
    Ah, one last thought, regarding the so colled “people living in voluntary isolation” in the Yasuni, they don’t live in voluntary isolation. We are living in isolation from earth. The waoranis are conected and are part of nature. the civilized people think we are separate from nature and we have to dominate and control nature for the service of man, not knowing we are all one. We are environment, we are mother earth, as much as the ants and the leafs.
    juan alfonso

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