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Brian’s first blog

September 26, 2009 7 comments

Welcome to our new blog! As we conclude our first year of activity at Montesueños and with a world in turmoil, we will be creating new programs here as well as frequent blog entries to track global and regional events and to openly discuss action plans for outside-the-box solutions to the deplorable human impact on the natural world. Among the topics we will explore during 2010 are:

• The free energy conundrum — Why do otherwise progressive spokespeople ignore the logical possibility of having a breakthrough clean energy future for humanity and how can we transcend this denial? How can we get beyond the pollution from burning hydrocarbons and uranium–and even implementing the capital-materials-and-land-intensive traditional renewables such as solar, wind and biofuels–as our final energy solutions when we could enjoy the elegance of zero-point energy, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen and water chemistries? How can we end the suppression of a promising future by the powers-that-be? How can we transform the culture to solutions that could end the destruction of our planet?

• The imperiled Western Amazon region — How can we prevent oil and mining companies from exploiting the Earth’s one remaining vast pristine rainforest and its indigenous peoples? How can Ecuador and other developing countries become less reliant on income from the export of extracted agro-mineral resources? How can Ecuador and Vilcabamba become examples to the rest of the world as an ecologically sustainable garden for us all to enjoy?

• Ending the imperial stalemate — The world is caught in the web of war, pollution, secrecy and the unsustainable exploitation of resources. Civilization seems to be bifurcating between those whose agendas involve scarcity-based control and those who can envision a peaceful, just and sustainable world in balance with nature. How can we transform, at a causal level, the greed and fear that beset our corrupted leadership? How can have an abundant and joyful future? Why is the darkness we are now experiencing logically unacceptable, where options do exist for a future of cooperation, openness and new ideas rather than the aggressive competition and consumption we now see?

• The deep ecology of the collective mind and of nature — How can we use the power of our combined positive human intention to transform the cancerous nightmares of war and pollution into a natural heaven on Earth? What tools of consciousness, new science and spirituality can we develop to bring a more positive Light to the Earth? How could the disclosure of extraterrestrial and interdimensional intelligences and our own collective intelligence help give us the tools to make the needed transformations?

Awakening the Creative Spirit Within — Our first gathering celebrating the arts will be December 12-13, 2009, and we plan to host more of these during 2010. These gatherings will include the inspiration of talented artists from throughout the world as we probe our inner potential as creators of art, photography, music, and expressers of movement and spiritual practice.